About All Space

All Space is an online marketplace for peer to peer storage space rental. Think of us as AirBnB for storage space.

All Space is an idea born from our own struggles finding easy, flexible and affordable storage solutions, especially in New Zealand. Commercial storage facilities typically charge high monthly fees and do not provide enough flexibility. So we thought, wouldn’t it be great if someone would let us pay them to store things we own. This was the birth of All Space.

Just as peer-to-peer businesses like TradeMe have allowed anyone to become a retailer, All Space empowers Kiwis to take unused space in their homes and recycle it back into the economy, for a profit. We believe that co-sharing leads to more sustainable way of resource usage.

Only a decade ago, few thought that spending a night at a stranger’s house was a good idea. Nowadays, thanks to players like AirBnB and Uber, the mentality around shared economy is rapidly changing, and we want to apply that to storage as well.

All Space allows Hosts to turn space into cash with ease. We are lowering the barriers of entry by making it fast and simple to register and advertise storage space online. There’s a great demand for both indoor and outdoor storage spaces in New Zealand, and we encourage Kiwis to make all space they have count.

Our website also provides transparency for storage solutions available in your local community. Renters can find space, connect with hosts, quote, compare and book at the click of a button, all in one place. All Space effortlessly meets New Zealand’s residential, professional and boat storage needs.

We strive to make Host/Renter partnership seamless and bring a human quality to an otherwise impersonal industry. Our team has created a platform where users get to know each other beyond just an online profile. All Space achieves this by having a strict real name verification policy. Renters can also leave reviews about the Hosts and vice versa.

All Space is everything traditional self-storage industry is not. It’s easy, flexible, personal and transparent. We are passionate about connecting people, building communities and promoting trust. We are here to help Kiwis store things they care about.