About All Space

In simple, All Space is an online marketplace for storage rentals. We connect those looking for storage with those looking to provide storage solutions.

The idea was first born from our own struggles navigating through the vast sea of storage solutions. We thought to ourselves, there must be an easy way to find & compare various storage solutions. There wasn’t.

Our goal like our platform is two-sided. One one side we want to allow our users searching for storage an easy to use platform where they can find & compare a wide range of storage options to suit their needs.

On the other side of our platform sits our hosts & storage facilities. Our goal here is to provide them with an alternative method to rent out their unused spaces & storage units. By providing this online presence it will allow the seamless booking of a storage unit with the only thing to lose being vacant units!

We are passionate about providing a simple & useful experience that helps both parties find what they are looking for.