Top 10 Tips for Hosts

Please write a clear description of your space and make sure to attach a photo. Highlight key features such as access type, security measures, and items the space is best suited for.
Be clear about access you are willing to provide (full access, 24 hour notice, 9-5 etc.) – this is an important factor for many renters.
You decide the price. Benchmark your space with other listings on All Space and set the rate accordingly. Price to the market, not over it.
Be clear on your storage space rules. Think of what your non-negotiables are (stay off the grass, items you do not want to store, special access rules etc.)
Respond as quickly as you can (and within 48 hours) to all rental requests. All communication happens via All Space internal messenger; however, you will also get email notifications.
Arrange space viewing (if required) and keep storage area clean and tidy for move in date.
Upload a profile photo and provide your details: make your profile personal and help us promote trust between users.
Accept rent payments via our payments platform. All transactions completed via our site are covered by goods and property guarantees, and are protected by the terms and conditions of use. We cannot guarantee any rental payments completed outside of All Space gateway.
After your first transaction, leave a review for the renter and All Space. Your referral helps build trust in the community and helps other hosts make their renter approval decisions.
Patience is important. While it usually takes couple of weeks to match you with a renter, it can take longer.