Storage Space Calculator

Let us help you calculate how much storage space you need:

  1. Choose the room of your item
  2. Select how many of each item you have
  3. Review how much space you need on the left side of the page
  4. Click “Find this unit size” where you can search, compare & reserve the unit that suits best

Having trouble figuring out what size storage unit you might need? We thought so.

Often it is hard to visualise what size unit will fit your items so we’ve put together this storage calculator to help you out with this.

We have a directory of storage units from over 40 storage facilities across New Zealand. No more calling around asking for quotes, simply select your area, find the right size, compare prices and locations & you can make an online reservation.

Please note this tool is an estimate. The storage calculator works on square meters, so stacking of items can allow you a smaller unit to save money each month. Also you’ll need to take into account your accessibility needs of your items.