Store and Rent with Comfort

At All Space, we want to ensure both our renters and hosts are comfortable with the peer-to-peer aspect of the service. We strongly recommend meeting on site prior to any formal arrangements or agreements have been made to discuss security, access, items to be stored, etc. Both parties should only agree to proceed if there is mutual agreement and understating of the terms of the arrangement. A copy of a standard storage rental agreement that can be completed by the host and the renter is available upon request.

Renter Guarantee

To provide further comfort. All Space provides a Guarantee of up to $5,000 for goods stored in hosts properties to cover specified events such as theft or damage.

Host Guarantee

All Space provides our hosts a guaranteed payment of up to $400 to cover events such as non-payment by a renter or disposal costs for items abandoned by the renter.

How it works

For all transitions facilitated by All Space, this guarantee covers you when you are not able to claim your own insurance or compensation from the other party and when you are faced with losses or damage through no fault of your own. Note this guarantee excludes vehicles.

As a renter, to make a claim you must list all the items that were stored along with photographic evidence of these items inside the hosts space. Claims must be made within 7 days of any incident taking place and crimes to be reported directly to the New Zealand Police Department.

As a host, when allowing a renter to store their belongings in your space, you can advise them on the security, access hours, and can ask for a full list of items that will be stored. If you do not feel comfortable with the renter or items please contact All Space and we will cancel the arrangement.

See our terms and conditions for more information.